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The G.E.M.M Protocol is a gut ecology and metabolic modulation program developed by Dr Christine Houghton from Cell Logic. As an accredited G.E.M.M clinician our Naturopath has introduced this gut healing protocol into the clinic as a gentle, very effective system for maintaining and repairing the human physiology.

The foods we choose every day have profound effects on our health – now and into the future. Each mouthful is rich in thousands of food chemicals that promote either health – or disease. When we feed our microbes the right foods they multiply rapidly. When we poison them and starve them they die. Not only do our food choices impact the health of our own cells but also affect the billions of ‘friendly’ microbes with which we co-exist. Neither can function properly on nutritionally-deficient over-processed foods. This means food and food education is a key focus of G.E.M.M.... nourishing the trillions of ‘friendly’ microbial companions that are so necessary for us to be healthy.

Beyond this, and the vitamins and minerals that foods supply, what has historically been overlooked, is that food contains thousands of other molecules that play key roles in our health. These molecules found in plants, animal sources and fermented options send chemical signals to our cells. These food-derived molecules activate ‘switches’ in our cells and ‘talk to’ the DNA within our genes to ‘switch on’ protective processes.


This branch of science, known as ‘Nutrigenomics' is an exciting outcome of the 13 year 'Human Genome Project', an international, collaborative research program whose goal was the complete mapping and understanding of every gene in the human body. Nutrigenomics plays a critical role in the G.E.M.M. protocol and nutrigenomically-active supplements complement the program as G.E.M.M. focuses on fine-tuning our inbuilt cellular processes, using nature’s ‘tool box’ to promote repair and optimal health. By restoring balance to the ecology of the gut, its underlying immune network and a multitude of other systems, G.E.M.M mimics the principles of nature gently and effectively. That is, G.E.M.M uses what is now known about cell function to repair and restore a more healthy gut. It works by restoring the diversity of the gut microbiome, repairing the gut epithelial cells and improving the underlying gut immune network. It is an interconnected clinical strategy which was designed to improve all physiological systems. The gut as is now understood is the epicentre of wellness.

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GUT Ecology & Metabolic Modulation G.E.M.M

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